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Sunday, 12 February 2012

England Managerial Crisis!

It was a slight shock when Postman Pat decided to pack up his bags and leave just a few months before England's Euro 2012 campaign was about to kick off. Nevertheless, it seemed as though he wanted to leave and was looking for the perfect excuse to do so... step forward John Terry. With Capello now apparently on his way to some ridiculously rich Russians called Anzhi Makhachkala, it's the FA's job to find a man to guide England to inevitable Euro success (sarcastic or just very optimistic, you decide). Everyone's obvious favourite is the local simpleton Harry Redknapp, who can mastermind a Tottenham revolution from relegation to Champions' League, but cannot read or write (I think that this was some form of sympathy story to get him off the hook for some dodgy money troubles). The 64-year old has led Spurs to within touching distance of Manchester City at the top of the table and has constructed a team who play outstanding football. With his vast managerial experience and the fact that he's English, he would seem like a perfect candidate for the job, but with his club doing so well this season, he may be tempted to continue the project that he started there four years ago. In which case, we have to consider other options.

Psycho Pearce

If the managerial vacancy is not filled by May (which is possible) It will be Stuart Peace who will probably take caretaker charge. Imagine if we pull off amazing results in the friendlies against Norway and Belgium? There may be a call for Pearce to take on the job full time for the Euro Tournament and beyond. He led the England U21's to the semi-final of the World Cup in 2007 and went a step further in 2009 (although they failed to get past the group stage in 2011). Pearce has also been put in charge of the Great Britain Olympic football team, showing that he is trusted at international level by England. Even though he has relatively little managerial experience compared to Redknapp, (a two year stint at Manchester City and caretaker job at Nottingham Forest) he will be fairly capable of handling the position should he have to.

Guus Hiddink

Unlike Redknapp and Pearce, Hiddink has a massive amount of international managerial experience. He has coached Holland, Australia, Russia, Turkey and South Korea (who he led to the semi-finals of the 2002 World Cup). The former Dutch midfielder also had a brief stint at Chelsea in 2009 as caretaker manager, whilst also coaching the Russian national team (a rather hard task in itself). This clearly shows that Hiddink will not be phased by the pressure that of hopeful England fans. He may not be English, but unlike Fabio, he can actually speak the language reasonably well, so there will be no lack of communication between him and the players.

Jose Mourinho

Woah... let's not go here. Mourinho is indeed a very talented manager, but also a controversial one. I fear his massive ego will collide with alot of people in English dressing room and the FA headquarters.

I personally think that we should let Stuart Pearce take charge until the end of the Euro 2012, and then lure Harry away from Tottenham to start fresh with the England side after we go out in the quarter finals. If Redknapp was to take charge now and fail horribly in the upcoming competition, there will be unnecessary pressure on him during the World Cup qualifiers.

In conclusion, HARRY FOR ENGLAND!... But not just yet...

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