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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Spurred to Victory (Tottenham 0-0 AC Milan)

It was a game of terrible tackles, dramatic acting, and some football managed to feature.

It was nervous times for Tottenham halfway through the first half. Gomes wandered blindly into no man's land and could only watch as Pato's goalbound shot struck Assou-Ekotto and deflected into the path of Gallas' powerful foot which managed to clear off the line. It was pretty much all AC Milan at this point. White Hart Lane then turned into some sort of Judo arena, with high foots flying everywhere and Kevin Prince Boateng falling over every 2 minutes when he approached a white shirt. The half ended with Assou-Ekotto blasting from far out and missing the target.

Second half came. Crouch immediately had a chance to finish a minute gone, but chose to knock the ball down to an empty space, who failed to finished. This is what Spurs chose to do for most of the second half, just hit the ball to Crouch and hope he could do something with it. This caused the centre-forward to commit constant fouls (7 by the 59th minute) against the frail AC Milan defence as he jumped ontop of them in attempts to reach the ball.

65th minute came, a shot rifled in towards the edgy Gomes who managed to scramble it away to safety. The constant threat of Milan was beginning to take it's toll on the defence, but they were getting more fustrated. This was shown by Flamini (who was being booed due to his former career at Arsenal) as he continued to make reckless tackles, despite being on a yellow card.

After a brief penalty shout for Spurs after a handball, the AC attack was back on again. Lively substitute Merkel had a dangerous shot towards goal, but it was blocked by the head of Sandro, who was Spurs best player during the game. A minute later, Pato threatened Gomes' goal again, narrowly missing from the edge of the box.

Flamini was then taken off, to be replaced by Rooney (not Wayne 'eat-my-elbow' Rooney, I mean Rooney Strasser: AC Milan striker) and at 90 mins, Robinho's deflected shot just went over the bar after a Gallas block.
FULL TIME! An English manager has finally made it through to the quarter finals and the Tottenham fans can breath a sigh of relief. They have shut out AC Milan for 180 minutes and deserve to go through to the last 8.

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