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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Tottenham vs AC Milan Preview

Good Evening Bloggers! Today, we shall either watch Tottenham triumph to complete an amazing victory over another Milan side or AC complete a comeback and begin the journey to retain their 2007 trophy, (or we could see Joe Gordon running towards Gattuso at the final whistle and giving him a right hook).

Tottenham have a clear advantage over Milan, they are playing with a goal advantage at the fortress which is White Hart Lane, but it would be foolish to underestimate the 11 time finalists.

Good news for the hosts, Gareth Bale might return to full fitness and retain his place on the wing, ready to rip up an aging Milan side, or he could have one of his quiet Premier League performances. Van Der Vaart could also come back into the line up to play a killer through ball to Crouchy, who will probably score with a menacing finish.

Most of the Milan side should be able to hobble onto the pitch with their zimmer frames. Except for Pirlo and Ambrosini, who are stuck in the retirement home. But AC Milan aren't all OAP's, they have the youthful attack of Pato, Robinho and Ibrahimovic, who will cause the Tottenham defence problems if let loose.

My prediction: Spurs to battle it out for a 1-1 draw and advance to the quarter-finals. 

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